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Heroic Wisdom Community Rules

Below is the list of rules you are expected to know and follow as a member of this site. Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action enforced by our team. This will help ensure that this community remains a pleasant and family-friendly community environment for discovering free wisdom for everyone.

While we appreciate all the people who try to keep our boards within the rules, please let the staff perform their roles. If you see a rule violation, you should report it to the staff through the contact page on our main website.

The Heroic Wisdom Team will honor your privacy in any report, and we expect you to safe guard yours as well. If you feel that a member is correcting another member’s behavior, please report it. The Heroic Wisdom Team will then assess whether the rule has been breached based on severity and circumstance.

The following sections covers content and actions that are allowed/not allowed on this site. Please note that while this list gives you an idea of what is expected and what will happen if these rules are broken, the Heroic Wisdom Team will ultimately have the final say on any rule violations and disciplinary actions. As a community member of this site, you will be expected to accept any official decisions made by the Heroic Wisdom Team at all times.

[Section 1: Community Spamming Policy]

1.1.) Spamming is strictly forbidden and will never be tolerated. Any community member found guilty of spamming will be immediately banned.

1.2.) Do not post any content with misleading titles, offensive and/or inappropriate and/or illegal multimedia.

1.3.) Purposefully posting any duplicate content will be considered spam and may result in an ban, or automatic removal.

1.4.) Do not post any advertisement content anywhere within the Heroic Wisdom Community. Unless said advertisement content is requested or relevant to a conversation currently taking place within the community.

1.5.) Do not send mass recruitment and/or advertisement private messages for a company or organization. This will result in a ban.

1.6.) Do not use punctuation or special characters to decorate thread titles that draw unnecessary attention.

1.7.) Do not link to online auctions, porn sites, click-bait sites, and/or any illegal downloads.

[Section 2: Community Language Policy]

2.1.) No hate speech (with regards to ones views, race, religion, politics, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc), rudeness, aggressive or offensive behavior of any kind at all times. These actions will never be tolerated.

2.2.) All aspects of your behavior here must be respectful towards every member of the community. If you are not sure whether you can say or do something, then either don’t say it, don’t do it, or try asking a Heroic Wisdom Team Member.

2.3.) Please stay away from explosive topics that contain hate speech, politics, pornography, racism, religions, and/or violence.

2.4.) The primary language of the site is English. Conversations in any other language openly within the community are currently not permitted. This will change in the future once we have team members who are able to translate content into many different languages. Until then, you may send a private message to one another on a personal basis in another language if you like.

2.5.) Keep the subject of conversations throughout the community civil, peaceful, and family friendly at all times.

2.6.) Only post safe for work multimedia content while using appropriate language at all times.

2.7.) Do not leave your Caps Lock on all the time. It is the equivalent of shouting.

2.8.) No arguing, or fighting. However constructive healthy debates are fine.

2.9.) Should any topic of conversation takes on an overly depressive tone, or in extreme cases community members actively discussing suicide. Those people will kindly be asked to leave, or be kicked from the channel if they don’t change the subject of conversation immediately.

The Heroic Wisdom Team and all of its community members will not be held responsible for the mental health of any person. If you are thinking of harming yourself, harming others, and/or ending your own life. Please visit the following website where you can then chat online, or call the suicide hotline to talk to mental health professionals who have the proper training to help you.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Phone Number: (800) 273-8255

Online Chat:


[Section 3: Drawing Excessive Attention]

3.1.) Do not post any content for the sole purpose of just to get attention. This includes creating content that draw excessive or unnecessary attention.

3.2.) Do not post content with any misleading titles for click bait.

3.3.) Do not use punctuation or special characters to decorate your content titles. Such practices are designed to draw excessive attention.

3.4.) Do not create any content with deliberately misleading titles.

[Section 4: Community Flaming, Insults, & Personal Attacks Policy]

4.1.) Do not make insulting, or comments that attack fellow community members. This violation is known as flaming. It will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban depending on the severity of the situation.

4.2.) If someone is insulting you, another community member, and/or is saying things that you find offensive to make you uncomfortable. Do not respond by retaliation and returning insults. Instead, be the better person by reporting the community member(s) to the Heroic Wisdom Team so they can take care of the situation as soon as possible.

[Section 5: Community Trolling Policy]

5.1.) Trolling is posting anything that is designed to attract personal attacks or cause arguments. Any trolling that takes place throughout the entire community may result in an immediate ban.

5.2.) It is considered trolling to announce on a thread that you are reporting someone. So don’t do it.

5.3.) Heroic Wisdom Team Members reserve the right to decide whether the reported content was meant to upset or anger other members. Similarly, any posts that are offensive to a general group of people are not allowed.

[Section 6: Community Duplicate Content Policy]

6.1.) From time to time, content may accidentally be posted twice. Other times, they are intentionally double posted, or more. For accidental cases we will either remove the duplicate thread and keep the one with the most replies if applicable, or merge the threads.

6.2.) Purposefully posting multiple duplicate threads will be considered spam. The same can be said of double posting within a thread. If it is the result of an accident then the latter of the two posts will be removed under this rule. If it is done intentionally then it will be removed as spam.

6.3.) A post is not considered a duplicate post if 24 hours or more has passed between the original post and the second post containing new information.

[Section 7: Community Multimedia Uploads Policy]

7.1.) No posting images with dimensions larger then 800×600 in the forums. Otherwise they may not appear correctly on the website. If you want to post images larger than this, please link to the image website location instead.

7.2.) The current multimedia formats that are allowed to be uploaded are (.gif | .png | .jpg | .mp3 | .mp4 | .webm | .flv).

7.3.) Do not use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal/human cruelty or politically or ideologically-charged language or images. Doing any of these actions will result in an immediate ban.

7.4.) If you are not sure whether an avatar is offensive, send a message through the Heroic Wisdom contact page on our website.

7.5.) Uploading of multimedia content that is not Creative Commons licensed is not permitted. However hyperlinks to external websites that host non-creative commons multimedia content is permitted. Just as long as the content follows the entire list of community rules and policies.

[Section 8: Community Invites Policy]

8.1.) Requesting, offering, selling, trading and giving away of invites to this or any other site is strictly forbidden.

8.2.) New community members that have received an invitation is subject to a 30 trial period. As long as each new community member follows the rules for this time will be able to continue to be a full member of the community.

8.3.) You may invite new members to join our community. Under the condition that you knowingly take full responsibility and honestly believe in your invitees abilities to gracefully follow the community rules. Bringing in troublemakers and/or trolls may result in you either loosing your invite privledges, or a ban.

[Section 9: Community Member Violations]

9.1.) If anyone feels they are the subject of an unjustifiable ban without proper cause. An appeal may be requested through the contact form on our website.

9.2.) If found innocent after an appeal, your community membership will be reinstated after the ruling has been approved.

9.3.) If found guilty after an appeal, the ban will remain in effect for the entire violation duration.

9.4.) Evading a temporary ban will cause a permanent ban from the community.

[Section 10: Community Beta Testing Policy]

10.1.) At this moment in time Heroic Wisdom is currently undergoing active development during our beta testing phase. Please be patient with us while everything is still being coded, created, and under construction.

10.2.) As new community members you are trusted to report any bugs to the forums, chatrooms, and/or website. This will help our developers to speed up the process to make ourselves ready for our grand opening and is greatly appreciated.

[How To Become A New Community Member Now]

We are very much looking forward to having you as a valued member of our community and hope that you decide to join our family soon. If you truly feel you able to follow all of the Heroic Wisdom Community Rules & Policies. If not, no worries, and no hard feelings.

Please visit us on our Discord Chatroom, Forums, and/or IRC Channel which can be accessed through our main website, through the Discord App, or your favorite preferred IRC Chat Client once you have signed up.

Take care, stay amazing, and have a most wonderful day!


The Heroic Wisdom Team

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