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The Universal Declaration Of Self Evolution

1.) Inspire people to continually build up their own abilities, courage, and grit towards self evolution through wisdom.

2.) Provide community driven opportunities for self development with support from many people who share common interests.

3.) Create educational media resources for self improvement.

4.) Inform people on many ways to live honest, happy, healthy, wealthy, and harmonious lives.

5.) Develop a family friendly community for open discussions without hate speech, politics, pornography, racism, religions, and/or violence.

6.) Collaborate with community members to research and develop open source experiments that strengthen people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

7.) Allow contributing members approved ways to promote their own educational classes, media, products, and services for sharing free wisdom with the entire community.

8.) Every Heroic Wisdom repository is designed to be easily recreated and shared. So everything we do is never lost.

9.) Promote a sense of well being and freedom to be yourself without unjustified negative judgement. So people can forge new friendships with fellow members. While ensuring everyone always feels welcome as a part of our family.

10.) Share many different philosophies. So that everyone may benefit through multiple points of view to gain more knowledge, accomplish better understanding, and achieve virtuous wisdom.

We are a open source community that provides free wisdom for everyone. Our prime directive is to help you to discover all of the education, knowledge, tools, and resources you need to start achieving continual self evolution today.

We encourage our community members to learn everything they want to know and gain new skills to do almost anything professionally. So everyone can truly live an ideal lifestyle for the best life possible. While providing new daily inspiration to accomplish all of the important goals we set out for ourselves.

Our community is maintained by passionate volunteers. By creating a Wisdom Repository what you know will be shared with the world. Our members contribute the sum total of their knowledge and life experiences so they are never lost to time.

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